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Founded in 2015, Eyes of the Street is a capacity-building project that gives voice to marginalised communities through the power of photography. We not only manage their brand but also create all the social media content, video production, and provide web development management.

4 years

6 projects completed

3 countries and 3 continents

116 children and young people participated, and
400 families directly benefited

34 donated cameras

26 exhibitions in 5 countries – Brazil, Guine-Bissau, Portugal, UK, Brussels

4 international festivals – twice at International Photography Festival of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, @pefparatyemfoco Paraty em Foco; @festival.todos in Portugal, @boomfestivalofficial in Portugal

1 academic magazine – ‘No Frontiers Magazine’ titled: “Participatory photography and gender relations: a visual experience with Guinean women.”

2 international educational forums – ALAS in Uruguay (Latin American Association of Sociology); XII National Forum of Media History in Brazil

Latest project video